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El claustre i la catedral de Santa Maria d'Urgell



Escolania de Montserrat and Capella de Música de Montserrat

Joan Cererols: heir of the polyphonists, precursor of the Baroque school of Montserrat

Surely P. Joan Cererols (1618-1680) had heard and studied the composition techniques of the great Renaissance polyphonists. As a result of this influence, Cererols explores the compositional techniques of counterpoint and homophony, sometimes separately or, often, combining them. The works of Cererols that we can hear are just good examples of these techniques but with the remarkable novelty of the use of a bass instrument that supports the voices.

Catalonia Sacra invites you to visit the cloister and the cathedral of Santa Maria d'Urgell (7:30 pm) to all those who have purchased the concert for the Escolania de Montserrat and Capella de Música de Montserrat (9:00 p.m.) .

Date Friday June 29, 2018

Time 7.30pm.

Mrs. Guide Pilar Aláez

Price Free visit with the concert entrance.

Place Cathedral of Santa Maria d'Urgell (Plaza Deganat, s / n. 25700 La Seu d'Urgell)

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